The Bakes

Classic Cheeseburger

This little bad boy did not come to play. A straight up and down cheeseburger, not just like mama used to make, but, more like the way your mate Jame’s mum used to make it. She always had some kind of magic touch! Topped with sesame seeds and parmesan cheese too of course!

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Smokey BBQ

Born from the flames like a phoenix, but with mayo. This BBQ beast packs a smokey punch. Our patties come smashed like your favourite uncle at a warriors game. The onion rings then come piled on like a Monday workload. Topped with sesame seeds and parmesan cheese. Get around back, partner!

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Tofu Cheeseburger

This kid’s got a kick like it knows Karate! Blue belt though, it’s not that spicy… With it’s crunch level knocked up to 100 and smothered in our secret chilli sauce, then disguised as a cheeseburger, this tofu bake is a vegetarian's dream and everyone else’s "tried it once and never looked back", story. Topped with sesame seeds and parmesan cheese. Vegan option available upon request.

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