What areas do you deliver to

For the meantime we are AUCKLAND ONLY. We deliver from Albany to Manukau and Botany to Westgate . If you are in Auckland but our website won't let you through, get in touch and we may be able to work something out for you.


What time can I expect to have my Bake ‘n Break delivered by?

Our special delivery operatives usually hit the road just after 11am and should make it to your hot little mitts or plush looking doorstep by no later than 1pm. However please allow some give or take due to the exciting nature of Auckland’s traffic.


Can I keep my bake in the fridge?

Absolutely, your bake will stay good in the fridge for 3-4 days and will regain its freshness once baked! 


Can I keep my bake in the freezer?

Yup! These instructions will be on the box but here's a refresher incase you’ve missed placed it.

a) Defrost prior to cooking
Leave in the fridge the day before, or leave out on the bench for an hour or two
Follow Oven cooking instructions

b) Break off individuals and microwave from frozen for 30 - 40 seconds.

Can I microwave my bakes from fresh?
Yep absolutely, just make sure you remove them from the tin first.  It is best to Microwave them in singles or doubles as follows:

Singles: 20- 30 Seconds
Doubles: 40-50 Seconds 


Do you have a retail store?
Yeah nah. However pick up options are available on Saturday mornings from our kitchen in Grey Lynn and sometimes if you’re especially nice if you reach out with a special request :) 

What days can I order for delivery?

We Deliver on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Just make sure your order is in by 5pm the day before your desired delivery date. 


What happens if no one is at the delivery address when my order arrives?

More for me! Not really but it is always best to get the bakes in the fridge asap and into your belly even asap-er. However if no one is home, we will  leave your BNB in a shady spot (or even your chilli bin if you’re a forward thinker) and give you a bell to let you know it has arrived. At this point, BNB ceases responsibility of your order and it's a race against the clock for you and your whanau. 


What if I'm late to pick up my bakes?

We will text you when they are ready so the ball is in your court really. If you are running a little behind though, do just let us know as our closing times do vary depending on what orders we have for the day. If you are not here and have not successfully made contact with us by the time we shut up shop you will miss out. 


Can I find this product in my local stores? 

Not yet... But if you want to help us get them there faster, you can tell your local New World how much you’d love to see us on their shelves here:


Have another question? Leave us a message on our contact page.