Welcome to Bake 'n Break!

This Idea literally burst out of a bubble, with a kitchen unused due to the pandemic we set out to bring the people a ten-person government-sanctioned party pleaser. With a focus on quality local ingredients and mad convenience, our slider bakes were a hit in level 3 season one. So we’re bringing them back, new and approved for season 2 and beyond.

Based in Grey Lynn we are a small team of family, friends and food lovers with a passion for providing a product that not only tastes great but also gives you a reason to get together. ‘Cause whether you’re having a bake or just need a break, it’s always better with a mate.

As a little brother to The Cater Station, we have always strived to bring new and exciting products packaged in ways that make life just that much easier and Bake n’ Break is no exception. Our bakes are handmade to order so they are delivered to your doorstep fresh every time and ready for you to simply heat and eat.

Heres the team behind the scenes!